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Flair Short Brown Lashes

Product Detail:

Individual Lashes will give you gorgeous, natural looking lashes by adding density to sparse lashes, or dare to be dramatic by adding several lash clusters. These lashes are waterproof, weightless and permanently curled to secure comfortably to your own lashes. Wear them for a few hours with Adhesive for Strip Lashes or for weeks with the specially formulated long-lasting Adhesive for Individual Lashes. Select from various lengths, available in black and brown.

How To Apply:

  • Create your own custom lash look.
  • Use more for a full look, less for just some accents or to simply fill in gaps.
  • Easy to apply and lasts for weeks.

Before applying Perfectly Individual Lashes, thoroughly clean your natural eyelashes and eyelids so they are makeup and oil free.

Step 1

Pour 2 - 3 drops of PermaLash Adhesive onto a small piece of foil. Tightly close bottle to prevent spills or drying out of adhesive.

Step 2

Gently grasp a single lash with tweezers near knotted end and pull from tray.

Step 3

Dip knotted end of lash into adhesive. Do not fully coat lash as more adhesive does not improve adhesion.

Step 4

Starting at the outer corner of eye, place lash on top of your natural lash with the knotted end as close to your eyelid as possible without touching it. Gradually apply lashes working towards the inner corner of eye.

Care & Cleaning

Avoid rubbing your eyes with a harsh towel. Allow your lashes to air dry. Avoid using oil-based make up remover.


Moisten two cotton swabs with a specially formulated lash remover or baby oil. Place one above lashes and one below. Gently massage the two swabs back and forth until lashes fall off.

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